Thomson Motorized Lead Screws

Thomson Motorized Lead Screws

Motorized Lead Screws from Thomson combine a hybrid stepper motor and a precision lead screw together in one compact envelope. Patent-pending Taper-Lock technology allows quick decoupling and secure, properly aligned connections. Thomson Motorized Lead Screws come in two basic configurations – rotating screw (S) and rotating nut (N). Rotating screw assemblies actuate by having the motor rotate a lead screw and translate a load that is attached to the lead nut. Rotating nut assemblies actuate by rotating a nut within the motor body. Motion is achieved by constraining the motor and translating a load attached to the lead screw or constraining the lead screw and translating a load attached to the motor.

Thomson Motorized Lead Screws

Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in mechanical motion technology. Since 2002 when Thomson was acquired by Danaher Corporation, our product range has grown signicantly. Our family of linear and mechanical motion products also includes BSA, Neff, Tollo, Micron, Deltran and Cleveland - all now part of Thomson.

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