Brush Dc Motor

Brush Dc Motor

A brushed DC motor from Portescap is ideal for portable and small devices. Brush DC motor technology offers the distinct advantages of low friction, low starting voltages, absence of iron losses, high efficiency, good thermal dissipation and linear torque-speed function. These ultra-compact small DC motors are designed to deliver superb speed-to-torque performance with lower joule heating. We also offer a variety of gearheads and encoders. Portescap small DC motors can deliver a torque range from 0.36 mNm up to 160 mNm continuously and from 2.5 mNm up to 1,487 mNm in intermittent operation. In addition, Portescap proudly offers our special line of high power density DC motors, the Athlonix series! Our brushed DC motors are designed for quick and easy modification, so you can get exactly what you need with the pricing and delivery you expect from an off-the shelf solution. We can customize standard brush motor features to meet specific application requests, including performance specifications, mounting configuration, thermal and ambient condition requirements, and other operational needs. Portescap's small brush DC motors are ideal for your portable and small devices. Our continuous innovation in coreless motor technology enables us to offer: Frame sizes from 8 to 35 mm Speeds from 5,000 to 14,000 rpm Continuous motor torque - 0.36 to 160 mNm Coreless rotor design Low rotor inertia REE coil High power to weight ratio Neodymium magnet available in some brush DC motor models Sleeve and ball bearing versions High motion efficiency, that allows you to build a more compact, precise and energy-efficient solution

Brush Dc Motor

Portescap is part of the Danaher Corporation. Danaher is a Fortune 200, NYSE-listed, science and technology leader that designs, manufactures and markets innovative products and services to professional, medical, industrial and commercial customers. Portescap offers miniature motor technologies to solve the motion needs of a spectrum of end markets, from medical devices to various industrial applications, that save, improve and enhance lives. We serve our customers through breadth of innovative product technologies encompassing brushless DC, brush DC, can stack motors, disc magnet motors and stepper linear actuators to optimize application performance.

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