Ball Transfer BA Flange Type

BA Flange type ball transfer generally made of aluminium and Stainless Steel. These types of ball transfer are designed to be light in weight and are corrosion resistant.

Variant Image
BA Flange Type (2).jpg
Variant Diagram
BA Flange Type (1).jpg
Selection Parameters
Ball Size 3/4" 1-1/4"
Housing Diameter 40 mm 60 mm
Housing Height 14.5 mm 28 mm
Flange Housing Height 67 mm 95 mm
Flange Thickness 3 mm 6 mm
PCD 55 mm 80 mm
Overall Height 24 mm 47 mm
Stationary Load 50 Kg 400 Kg
Working Load25 Kg200 Kg
Variant Applications
Transporting Container
Sheet metal working machines
Packaging Industries
Aircraft Industry
Material Handling