Ball Transfer BS Flange Type

Flanged type for easy installation Design suitable for high loads All components such as balls, bodies, and caps can be produced in various materials depending on the intended use.

Variant Image
BS Flange Type.jpg
Variant Diagram
BS Flange Type (1).jpg
Selection Parameters
Ball Size3/8" 2"
Housing Diameter 23 mm 95 mm
Housing Height 12.6 mm 56 mm
Flange Housing Height 45 mm 140 mm
Flange Thickness 1.8 mm 10 mm
PCD 35 mm 120mm
Overall Height 17 mm 80 mm
Stationary Load 70 Kg 500 Kg
Working Load35 Kg250 Kg
Variant Applications
Air Cargo Application
Tool Transfer Stations
Assembly lines
Packaging Industries
Material Handling
Aircraft Industry
Food processing