CASM-32/40/63 Actuator

CASM electric cylinders are ideally suited to perform fast and powerful linear movements. Its modular concept enables easy connection to any preferred motor and control systems, reducing design and programming costs considerably. Thanks to high grade materials and a sealing system with an IP54S level, CASM electric cylinders can also be used long term even under adverse conditions. The low backlash design provides positioning precision of up to ± 0,01 mm. It Complies with ISO-15552.

Variant Image
Variant Diagram
CASM 25 32 65.png
Selection Parameters
Dynamic axial force (KN)0.7 KN5.4 KN
Linear speed (mm/s)500 mm/s1067 mm/s
Dynamic load capacity (KN)2.8 KN21 KN
Stroke (mm)400 mm800 mm
Duty cycle (%)100%
Variant Applications
AGV (automated Guided Vehicles)
Assembly Automation
Mobile Machinery
General Industry