Safety Relay Module

Safeguarding people and equipment with a properly designed system that monitors all of your safety devices is a top priority. IDEC offers straightforward, easy to use and highly efficient safety control relay modules in a variety of styles to help meet this need. HR1S safety relays are compact units that monitor safety input devices, allowing machine operation only when all safety controls are working correctly and no hazardous conditions are detected. Supported devices include E-stops, interlock switches, and noncontact safety switches, with light curtains covered on certain models. It consists of 4 series.

Variant Image
Safety Relay Module
Variant Diagram
Safety Relay Module
Selection Parameters
Operating Temperature-10˚C55˚C
Operating Humidity30%85%
Degree of ProtectionIP54, IP20, IP40
Output Voltage24V DC
Maximum Current20mA
Variant Applications
Food Packaging
Machine Tools
Oil & Gas
Material Handling
Special Vehicles