Heavy Duty Ball Screw

Heavy Duty ball Screws have double load capacities than the standard ball screws with high rigidity, which is achieved by change of the thread profile radius. The high-load ball screws have lower efficiency & are intended only for low-speed application. Standard high-load screws are non-preloaded. KSK Ball Screws have Dynamic loads up to 4,000,000 N & Diameter Up to 200 mm with P1,P3,P5 accuracy classes according to ISO3408. Heavy Duty Ball Screws have Transmission Efficiency around 93% to 95%. Heavy Duty Ball screw Can be Customized as customer's drawing & requirements.

heavy-duty (1).jpg
heavy-duty (1).jpg
Diameter40 mm160 mm
Pitch12 mm32 mm
Number of effective turns615
Length of Nut123 mm570 mm
Ball Nut diameter70 mm230 mm
Load static335,000 N9,886,000 N
Load dynamic149,000 N2,558,000 N
Flange Width 18 mm60 mm
Injection molding machines
Electric presses
Lifting equipment
Replacements of hydraulic cylinders
Material Handling