Madler Elastic couplings

Maedler Elastic Couplings are available with different types such as RN, RNG, RNI, RNT with taper bushes, RNK backlash-free, RNH backlash-free, DXA, etc.

Variant Image
Madler Elastic couplings
Variant Diagram
Madler Elastic couplings
Selection Parameters
Outer Diameter 14 mm 180 mm
Inner Diameter 5 mm58 mm
Nominal Torque 1.12 Nm 5500 Nm
Max Speed at 30m/s 2500 min-1 40000 min-1
Variant Applications
Small Light Generators
Small Machine Tools
Centrifugal Pumps and Generators
Flour Mills and Food Grinders
Cement Mills
Cement Manufacturer
Food Industry
Pump Manufacturer
Textile Industries