Crowned Yoke Style (inch)

OSBORN Crowned Yoke Style(inch) load runner consist of items such as CLRY-3, CLRY-3 1/4, CLRY-3 1/2, CLRY-4, CLRY-5, CLRY-6, CLRY-7, CLRY-8, CLRY-9, CLRY-10.

Crowned Yoke Style(inch)-dig.jpg
Crowned Yoke Style(inch)-dig.jpg
Crowned Yoke Style(inch).jpg
Roller Diameter 1.5 inch10 inch
Roller Width0.937 inch5.5 inch
Tread width0.875 inch5.25 inch
Bore0.437 inch4.255 inch
Shoulder Diameter 0.875 inch6.5 inch
Shoulder Length 0.031 inch0.125 inch
Radial Load static limit780 ibs276000 ibs
Static Thrust480 ibs196000 ibs
Steel & Aluminium Manufacturer
Oil, Gas Exploration & Refinery
Automobile Manufacturer
Kinetic Architecture
Food and Pharmaceutical