Flanged Eccentric Stud Style (Inch)

OSBORN Flanged Eccentric Stud Style(Inch) load runner consist of items such as FLRE-1, FLRE-1-1/8, FLRE-1-1/4, FLRE-1-3/8, FLRE-1-1/2, FLRE-1-3/4, FLRE-2, FLRE-2-1/4, FLRE-2-1/2, FLRE-2-1/2-4, FLRE-2-3/4, FLRE-3, FLRE-3-1/4, FLRE-3-1/2, FLRE-4, FLRE-4-1/2, FLRE-5, FLRE-6.

Flanged Eccentric Stud Style(inch)-dig.jpg
Flanged Eccentric Stud Style(inch)-dig.jpg
Flanged eccentric stud style(inch).jpg
Roller Diameter1 inch6 inch
Roller Width 0.781 inch3 inch
Flange Diameter 1.375 inch6.938 inch
Flange Thickness 0.219 inch0.718 inch
Stud Diameter 0.437 inch2.5 inch
Stud length1 inch5.5 inch
Radial Load static limit 230 Ibs56400 Ibs
Static Thrust 140 Ibs33100 Ibs
Steel & Aluminium Manufacturer
Oil, Gas Exploration & Refinery
Automobile Manufacturer
Kinetic Architecture
Food and Pharmaceutical