Plain Yoke Style (Metric)

OSBORN Plain Yoke Style(metric) load runner consist of items such as HPCA-40, HPCA-50, HPCA-62, HPCA-62-2, HPCA-76, HPCA-80, HPCA-85, HPCA-90, HPCA-100, HPCA-125, HPCA-150, HPCA-200, HPCA-250.

V-Grooved Concentric Stud Style(metric)-dig.jpg
V-Grooved Concentric Stud Style(metric)-dig.jpg
V-grooved Concentric Stud style(metric).png
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Roller Diameter 40 mm250 mm
Roller Width23 mm79 mm
Tread Width22 mm76 mm
Bore10 mm70 mm
Shoulder Diameter22 mm108 mm
Shoulder Length0.5 mm1.5 mm
Radial Load Static Limit3640 N354970 N
Static Thrust2140 N215290 N
Steel & Aluminium Manufacturer
Oil, Gas Exploration & Refinery
Automobile Manufacturer
Kinetic Architecture
Food and Pharmaceutical