V-Grooved Concentric Stud Style (Inch)

OSBORN V-Grooved Concentric Stud Style(inch) load runner consist of items such as VLR-1-1/2, VLR-2, VLR-2-1/2, VLR-3-1/2, VLR-3-1/2-16, VLR-4-1/2, VLR-5-1/2, VLR-6-1/2, VLR-7-1/2, VLR-8-1/2.

V-Grooved Concentric Stud Style(inch)-dig.jpg
V-Grooved Concentric Stud Style(inch)-dig.jpg
V-grooved Concentric Stud style(inch).png
Roller Diameter 1.5 inch8.5 inch
Roller Width 0.781 inh3 inch
Point Diameter1.125 inch60 inch
Groove location 0.791 inch1.5 inch
Stud diameter0.437 inch2.5 inch
Stud length 1 inch5.5 inch
Radial Load static limit230 Ibs56400 Ibs
Static Thrust1.5140 ibs30850ibs
Steel & Aluminium Manufacturer
Oil, Gas Exploration & Refinery
Automobile Manufacturer
Kinetic Architecture
Food and Pharmaceutical