Our Story

How It All Started

Way back in 1995, Ravi Shah 22 at that time, came over to Mumbai to set up a bearing business which would be an extension of the family business in Kolkata. In the very first year, he set up a shop in the heart of South Mumbai and achieved a turnover of Rs. 70 lakhs, which was as good as or more than the turnover of the family’s bearing business in Kolkata. But he was not very happy with what he was doing and what he had achieved. Like anywhere else in the world, in India trading of bearings is a low margin commodity business with cut-throat competition. One has to be highly efficient and well connected in the market to make any money. He knew that he was doing very well under the circumstances, but he wasn’t satisfied. So he decided to look beyond the traditional business of trading bearings and sell what no one sells! He started interacting more with the users of bearings and understanding their pain areas in terms of the availability of adjacent products. He soon realized that a large number of customers require products such as ball screws, linear guides, etc of the best brands from the world but they were not available in the market for on-time usage. The reason was simple they were not required in large numbers so the distributors were not interested in stocking or selling them. Besides, one had to understand the technical aspects of the customer’s requirement, product features, product design, and manufacturing process to be able to successfully import, stock, and sell these products. Ravi saw an opportunity where very few people did.

Building Partnerships

He built a strategy to identify a bouquet of brands and products which customers needed in a low volume but on time, because the time value of the stock-out was high for them. He started interacting with the Principal Companies for a partnership that gradually fructified in a highly engineering-oriented business which understands the customer’s requirements, and serves them with products and services which are the best in the world. Multidimensions is well beyond the dealership of bearings which it started with 25 years back.

Products From Reputed Brands

Today Multidimensions supplies hard to get industrial products sourced from the reputed manufacturers from Germany, Japan, USA, etc to the clients all across India. These products are typically high precision, critical components used in modern automated plant and machinery either by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or by operating team for their Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) requirements. Multidimensions are trusted Indian partners of Brands such as NSK & Tsubaki from Japan, Thomson & Portescap from USA, Nilos, Maedler, Winkel, Osborn, Fibro from Germany. The Company maintains stock of fast-moving products to help the customer in the event of urgency even if the volume is low. The Company, when required by the customer, imports and stocks many products for the customer to make them available at their doorstep on time without any hassle of import.

Diverse Clientele

Multidimensions serves an extremely diverse clientele ranging from Indian giants such as Reliance Industries, Tata Steel, Hindalco, Mahindra and Mahindra, etc to smaller manufacturers in industries such as textile machine manufacturing, food processing, etc. It has a highly trained fleet of sales engineers who understand and interpret customers’ needs and provide them with the technical solutions for the relevant applications. These engineers form the core of Multidimensions’ operations and take the Company’s services well beyond the distributorship of products.

Product Line Up

Multidimensions, which began its journey with the trading of bearings in Mumbai, besides best-in-class bearings, sells highly sophisticated precision engineering products used for precise motion and control in industrial equipments. These products are Linear Motion Guides, Ball Screws, Linear Actuators, Micro Motors, Monocarriers, Retaining Rings, etc. It also supplies high-end Cable Carriers and related products for automation and other applications. It supplies high quality special purpose consumables such as grease for critical industrial applications.

Available Across India

The Company headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra has the capability to source industrial items from across the world and make them available across India to meet customer requirements. It has also started exporting required items abroad specially in the Gulf region recently. It provides customization services for some of its products such as ball screws, rails, etc which may require machining and other operation before mounting.