Meldin® 1000

Meldin® 1000 series is a Saint-Gobain Seals product line based on PPS compounds. Components made of Meldin® 1000 series materials exhibit excellent chemical and thermal resistance, have good dimensional stability and maintain structural integrity, providing design versatility. All grades are processed by Injection Molding and available as finished parts. The different grade number references a different composition resulting in different properties. Few stock shapes are available, mainly to support prototyping activity.

Variant Image
Meldin® 1000
Selection Parameters
Tensile Strength (Break RT)57 MPa175 MPa
Compressive Strength (RT)93 MPa155 MPa
Flexural Strength (RT) 106 MPa259 MPa
Melting Point316 °C
Variant Applications
AC Compressor
Steering System Yokes
Food Blender Motor
Medical Device Compressor
Automobile Manufacturer
Oil, Gas Exploration & Refinery
Medical Industry
Food Industry