Meldin® 4000

Meldin® 4000 is Saint Gobain Seals' product line of PAI (polyamide-imide) based compounds. The different numbers within the series refer to the unique composition and different properties of the various compounds. Meldin® 4000 grades are manufactured by Injection Molding with a very limited number of shapes available for prototyping activity. All 4000 series compounds have common properties that make them suitable replacements for metal components: they are stiff and retain high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures; they are very durable even in harsh applications in regards to wearing; and they are chemically compatible with all automotive fluids (fuels and oils).

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Meldin® 4000
Selection Parameters
Tensile Strength (Break RT)108 MPa221 MPa
Compressive Strength (RT)129 MPa250 MPa
Flexural Strength (RT) 147 MPa350 MPa
Melting Point371 °C
Variant Applications
Dual Clutch Transmission
Transmission & Gearbox
Automotive Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Medical Industry
Food Industry