400 Spring-Energized Seals

400 Spring-Energized Seals are composed of Polymer jacket with a cantilever spring. These seals are used for moderate pressures and temperatures and good friction and leakage control.

Variant Image
400 Spring-Energized Seals
Selection Parameters
Temperature-50 °C 350 °C
PressureUltra High Vacuum100 MPa
Face Diameter15 mm3000 mm
Radial Diameter15 mm3000 mm
Cross Section1.4 mm12.7 mm
Variant Applications
Swivel for Marine LNG Loading Arms
Subsea Valves
Anti-icing Seal in Flight Actuator
Rocket Engine Check Valve
Autoclave Pump
Micro-E Packaging Pump
Oil, Gas Exploration & Refinery
Medical Industry
Electronic Part Manufacturer