Rulon® 1439

Rulon® is a fluoropolymer containing pigments and fillers which makes its performance different than any conventional polymer material. PTFE bearing capacity of Rulon® is comparatively high. It features dielectric and thermal insulation. Its temperature and chemical resistance makes it FDA compliant and also used in many industries like Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Machine Tools, etc. There are grades like Rulon® AR, Rulon® LR, Rulon® J, Rulon® 641 for different operating conditions and applications. Few examples are Saint-Gobain Rulon® 945 COLLAR: PPX961 and Saint-Gobain Rulon® 945 RING: PPX962 are used in the Rolling mill section in Divider Roll Assembly of the Pickling tank.

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Rulon® 1439
Selection Parameters
Temperature - Typical Range-240 °C288 °C
Maximum Speed -2 m/s
Maximum Pressure -6.9 MPa
Variant Applications
Air Compressors
Pillow Blocks
Linear Slides
Fluid Transfer Systems
Vacuum Pumps
Food Processing Equipment
Pump Manufacturer